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The Best Thing Ever

I have been using something lately that, dare I say, has changed my life. Well, maybe I?m exaggerating a little, but, when I use it, it makes me extremely happy. And you are probably going to think I am the … Continue reading

Giving Your Outfit A Little Something Something

I’ll let you in on a little secret as to why Scott and I work. I tell him how excited I am about I just ordered, and he acts like he is excited too that I now own the perfect … Continue reading

This One Is Just Right.

Fashion choices remind me of the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  You need to try a few things out to get to the right one. Especially with purse selection.   This is too big, this is too small, … Continue reading

The Perfect Leatheresque Legging

Product of the Day, September 17, 2015 There are few items I recommend over and over again. But these vegan leather leggings by Blank NYC are special. First, super comfortable. Second, super affordable at just $98. And most importantly, super … Continue reading

The Perfect Fix For Your Earrings!

I get super excited when I find something that truly solves a problem. The perfect mascara for non-existent lashes, the perfect cream for my uneven skin tone; and I love sharing with my friends and readers. I’ve even tried to come … Continue reading