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Dads Care Too!

Not really a post today.  Just funny.  Well, I think it’s funny. So as you know, kids are at camp.  It has been so long that I am starting to feel a little bad about it.  We are entering our last week.  One more week of pictures, one more week of running to the mailbox.  One more week of napping at 4:45 in the afternoon cause I can. I am actually forcing myself to nap, because once my kids get home I don?t want to say, ?Damn, I should have napped more!?

My husband Scott is the one who looks at the camp pictures.  He will find our kids, put those pictures in favorites, and then tell me about them.  I then just look at those.  Scott is like my CliffsNotes for camp.  I don?t like the stress of looking at all of the kids to find mine.  I?ll tell him, “just show me the important parts.”

Scott also likes to read the camp newsletters to see what is going on.  In one of those letters, it listed campers of the week.  None of my kids have been camper of the week.  I am fine with it.  I think they are awesome, but maybe their cubbies aren?t up to snuff, and I know my oldest finds the camp songs silly.

Scott looks at the list.  ?Why aren?t our kids camper of the week??  And then he takes it a step further.  ?What does Ashley Goldstein have that Julia doesn?t?  What is so great about Ashley Goldstein??

Things are getting a little out of hand.  Kids are coming home just in time!!

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