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Dear Daughter,

Look closely, I'm the one in the second to last row in the tank top.

Look closely, I’m the one in the second to last row in the tank top.

As every mom knows, part of our job is to watch our kid?s shows with them when they are young, and as a reward, when they get a little older, for me it?s around ten years old, we make them watch our shows with us. When Julia starts saying things like, ?Why does Carrie like shoes so much?? I know I have been a great mom.

When my kids were really little, it was Dora The Explorer. I even had Dora at some birthday parties. But Dora was always so annoying, making us always get involved in her little scavenger hunts. I always wanted Swiper to take her out, so I was happy when my kids grew out of that stage.

Until recently, we loved watching Good Luck Charlie. An adorable show about a family of five where the oldest sister made videos to her younger sister Charlie with little life lessons.

As the show has been cancelled, and to keep the tradition alive, I will from time to time write Dear Julia letters. Now I know you guys are thinking, ?What about your boys, don?t you want to teach them stuff too?? But I am realistic, they are going to meet girls, and those girls will eventually say, ?Your mom is such a bitch, she doesn?t know anything.? It?s kind of a Jewish tradition.

Julia is really the only one I can save, and who listens to me.

Dear Julia,

In the near future, unfortunately, you will start getting interested in boys. You will probably start asking questions about marriage and relationships. I will try to explain it to you the best and simplest way I know how.

Marriage is like the New York City Marathon. You have to commit and work hard. You need strength and fortitude. At times, you will get tired and think, this is really long to be doing the same thing. But then you will feel euphoric (look that word up Jules, your vocab needs to get better for SATs) and happy. You feel accomplished, and know you are part of something great.

Best part, there is always someone to get you a cup of water.

P.S. Do you have my black tank top?



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