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Does LA Have Greener Grass?

Visiting Los Angeles last week was amazing.  I am a big fan of California and every time I visit I ask myself why I don?t live there.  Mountains, beaches, perfect weather, unbelievable neighborhoods, and extremely good-looking people.  I just don?t understand, why is everyone so good-looking?

I told everyone I met there that I wanted to live there.  I asked them how happy they were, and they all said, ?Very.?  So when I spoke to my husband on the phone, I told him, let?s move here.  ?It?s so much better,? I declared.

My husband will sometimes tell me that I always think the grass is greener and I should just be happy for the life I have and not look to other places and things and think I am missing out.

Oh my god.  Is he right?  Do I think there is always something better out there?  Are we all guilty of the grass is greener ailment?  Do we compare our lives to others too much that we lose focus on how great our life is, or how great it could be?

But then I think, what?s wrong with looking for a little improvement in our lives?  Making some changes that we think will benefit us?  I guess it could be a slippery slope and I would be moving around with my kids every few years.  I would drive my husband crazy, and then I would be sitting alone in my St Louis house because I heard the people there were rated the happiest in the country.

So even though California seems pretty awesome, I am going to let the dream die.  Because if you really think about it, for all of us, the grass is the perfect shade of green.  If you see them through the right glasses.

Which I happened to have bought in the BEST store in LA!

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