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Don’t Stress the Mom Stress

mom time out

I would say I am stressed about something daily.

My kids.

My weight.

My garage.

My gluten.

My kids again.

My husband.

But I feel like my handle on the stress has gotten better with age.

I try to follow these tips every time I feel stress coming.

1)   What?s your damage? Simply asking yourself what you are so stressed about it this first step. A lot of times I feel overwhelmed by the numerous tasks I have to take care of. I try to write it all down, and give myself deadlines.   Often, it?s the procrastination that causes the most stress.

2)   Talk to your friends or husband. I choose what stresses I want to discuss with my husband. Men sometimes don?t get all the crazy thoughts we might have. When you talk to your girlfriends, they understand and empathize. I can talk to them about my changing elbow skin, or my worries about Courtney and Scott’s relationship. You almost always feel better after a little coffee talk.

3)   Don?t sweat the small stuff. So cliché, but so true. Most of our stressors have pretty easy solutions. It?s the bigger more serious things that should consume us more. If you keep that in mind, you won?t freak out so much when your kid forgets to do his homework, asks you to do it, and you can’t remember what a decimal is. Or it won’t seem so bad when you  get a little pimple a day before a party and it looks like you are growing a third eye.

4)   Exercise. I hate to exercise but I do it. I always feel better afterwards. I zone out for that time and don?t think about anything.

5)   Talk to yourself. Not crazy in the street talk to yourself. But remind yourself that you got through whatever it is you were stressed about.

6)   If you drink, pour yourself a glass of wine and give yourself a time out. There?s a reason the people on Mad Men always look smooth and relaxed. I?m not telling you to be an alcoholic. Not everyone has my tolerance. But a drink or a nice glass of red can take a little edge off. Just start taking the edge off at an appropriate time. Not during stressful carpool or parent teacher conferences.

7)   Ask for help. If you feel so overwhelmed , there is nothing wrong with asking others to help you out. Maybe call on your hubby to pick up the kids new cleats, or if a friend is already going to the grocery store, ask her to pick up that necessary ingredient you forgot you needed for dinner.

We do a lot as moms. We work, take care of the kids, and always have a good handle on most things. Stress is inevitable. But can be manageable.

And remember, stress can cause wrinkles.

That?s reason enough to chill a little more. Cause then I can get stressed about making an appointment with my dermatologist. Then I?m stressed about the cost. Then I drink too much, am stressed about stomach bloat, then I?m stressed about time to exercise and finding a tasty gluten free dessert.

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