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Dry, Scaly Skin? Anyone? Anyone?

Product of the Day, February 5, 2014:

coconut oil moisturizer

I feel like we have established a relationship by now. I get you and you get me. There is no judgment. You don’t think I just sit around reading about the latest beauty product and then immediately go buy it and try it. Thank you. It means a lot.

So, I was sitting around the other day, reading a magazine article about winter skin. I don’t know about you, but as I begin to hit what I like to call adult puberty, I find that my skin has become really sensitive to most body lotions. But it’s a problem because I need to moisturize. My skin gets so dry I could be the villain in the next Spiderman movie, Scaly Mom. Her evil power? Brushing dead skin cells on the citizens of New York City.

I have tried every product out there. When all else fails, you need to travel to the land of “nothing can hurt you here”. ┬áIt’s called Whole Foods. And it’s there that I bought a huge nine dollar tub of magic. We’ve all read about the benefits of Coconut Oil. For skin care, it’s super moisturizing. After the shower, I literally take a handful and slather it on. You need to get used to the smell a bit, and you may feel a little slippery until it sets in. Just the other night Scotty was getting frisky, and he slipped right off me, hit his head on the nighstand, and passed out. I rolled over and watched Pretty Little Liars. I need to catch up. He was breathing.

I also use the oil on my hair sometimes, put a shower cap on, and rinse it off in the shower after ten minutes. I am kind of like the Martha Stewart of moisturizing right now.

And, I am no longer the supervillain. I am now Spidey’s friend, Moisturized Mama.

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