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Dwyane Wade’s Favorite Show Is Friends

ross and rachel

Confession time. I read TMZ with my coffee every morning. It?s like my version of porn. A kid will come up behind me and I?ll slam the computer, “What are you looking at mommy?”  “Nothing, nothing.”

I sometimes read it to learn about how dumb they can be, or to make myself feel better when I see Cindy Crawford with loose skin in a bikini.

And the other day, I read a particularly good one. Gabrielle Union showing off her million-dollar engagement ring after Dwyane Wade proposed to her. It was gorgeous. A couple of days later, there was a story that Dwyane Wade had a baby with another woman while he and Union “were on break?.  My first thought, ?Who knew that Dwyane Wade was such a Ross/Rachel Friends fan, and that he really paid attention to the ‘we were on a break’ episode. Like, he studied it.