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Eye Shadows To Love

single white femaleI really think one of the best ways to find great makeup or beauty products is to ask the person who is looking great, wearing a great color blush or lipstick. Ask someone with great skin what they are using. Ask someone with a great ass what their workout is. Most people are very forthcoming with the information.  For those who aren’t, you can always follow them home and search their garbage cans, or track their daily routine to get their hair salon or gym.

Lucky for me, when I told my friend Tracey I loved her eye makeup, she was excited to share with me her great purchase of the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette. I think Urban Decay has made at least three different color palettes. What I love about them is that all the colors go great together, they are beautiful and neutral, and come in a great case perfect for travel.

Go to a store like Sephora and you can test the colors with the in-store makeup artist.

Enjoy. Got to go. I am following a girl with perfect lowlights and I think she spotted me.

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