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Fall Shopping

Now even though I live in Florida, and the only seasons we have are Hot and Not So Hot, I still enjoy the idea that everyone is supposed to shop a few things for Fall.  I am realistic about my lifestyle, stick to purchasing mostly staples, and try to stay away from too many trends.  If I do go trendy, I will usually buy those items in Forever 21. It’s a great store, they are always on trend,  and I don’t have to spend a lot of money on items I know I won’t wear next year, like a peplum skirt.

I always like to read certain magazines to introduce me to what they are showing for Fall.  Lucky magazine and Marie Claire are great because you can find great clothes, and you won’t have to put your children to work to buy them.  I like to fold down pages I like, or use those great stickies Lucky provides.  But really, the best way to see what’s coming is to scour the internet.  Even if you like going to the stores, the internet can also give a great preview of what’s new.

So that’s what I did for us.  I tried to pick out pieces that are basic, with a little bit of an edge.  Happy exploring!

So when you take your kids for their school shopping, pick up something for yourself. And if you happen to come by fingerless gloves, let me know their purpose.  Thanks.

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