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Florals Always In Bloom

We wait with bated breath for the fashion magazines, fashion bloggers, and overall fashionistas to decree what will be the next big trend for spring and summer. And pretty much this time of year the fashion geniuses come up with, wait for it… FLORALS!!!

But I have to say, I always do love me some florals. I never have to cast them out of my closet, like I did with my balloon dresses, they will never go out of style, and once you buy a few items, you really don’t have to buy any more.

You can style them differently each season, but you really can’t screw up a floral.


*Click on images for a better look.

floral blazer

floral bikini floral dress Floral jeans Floral shorts Free People Floral crop top floral zara dress

Another thing great about florals. You just need basic accessories and shoes can be neutral.  Try something like:



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