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Happy Mother’s Day

I have poured 3,975 glasses of water for my kids.  Of those said glasses, I have cleaned up at least 1,000 messes.  I have worked on 20 science projects and had 300 well check visits.  I have made 6,000 school lunches. I have driven in the car for four hours straight, all while staying within a 2 mile radius, having never actually stepped foot out of my car.   I have been asked by another mom at a restaurant if I had any rubber dinosaurs for her baby to play with, and I did!!  (I really need to clean out my purse).

I have run covert operations to check my kids’ Facebook pages.  ?Babe, you distract them while I log in.?  I have learned that ?POS? means parent over shoulder.

I have fallen asleep in my kids? beds more than I fall asleep in my own.

I have done all of these things, but can?t claim that I am that special.  I look around at my community and know that all the moms are doing exactly what I am doing.  Whether we work outside of the home, or in, we are in this together.  My friends and I go over our days.  Sometimes we laugh about it, sometimes, sob.  Sometimes drink wine.

The reality is that moms are like no other species.  We can multi-task.  We can comfort.  We can find solutions.  We can cry with our kids, we can fix their cuts with band-aids, their hurt feelings with an ice cream outing.  We are psychic and can use our crystal balls to try to make everything all right, but know that we need to teach them how to do that on their own as well.

Moms are special.  We get to do such special and amazing things.  We get to enjoy our families every day, laugh every day, love every day.  So on this Mother?s Day, when my kids and husband bring me my breakfast in bed, I will read my beautiful cards, (which I reminded my husband to buy), I will eat my toasted bagel and drink my delicious cup of coffee.  I will smile wide because I know tomorrow I get to pour them another glass of water.

Moms, our cups runneth over.

Happy Mother?s Day.

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