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How Do We Parent In A Scary World?

A little more serious today.  With the tragic Colorado movie massacre, it forces us to examine the world we live in today.  It is so different than the world we grew up in.  While I have always prided myself as a relaxed mom, the stories of today have created fears in me I never had before.

Before I had children, I never even thought about getting on an airplane.  I actually enjoyed it.  Then, 9/11, and now I walk through airports with a feeling I never had before.  I have flown with my husband alone, but I am never completely relaxed.  Before one flight, I was so anxious, I actually made changes to my will and had my handyman serve as witness.

When I was little, I would ride bikes with my friends, and play until dinner.  No cellphones to check in with the parents to let them know we were okay.

And when I first started driving, there were no cellphones to distract me on the roads. Now, when I am driving, it is like a coffeehouse, with everyone looking at their phones, or worse, texting. How am I ever going to feel relaxed when my kids start driving and other drivers are so irresponsible on the road?

It?s enough to make me never want to leave the house, build a Little House On The Prairie schoolhouse, and home-school my children.

How does one parent in such a scary world?  I sometimes will ask questions that I don?t necessarily have the answer to.  I think that as soon as you bring your children into the world, it is scary.  I know I can?t bubble wrap my kids, even though I would love to pop the bubbles when they passed by, or follow them on their bike rides (okay, I did this only once!).  I can?t be scared to go to a movie because there are sick people in this world. I remind myself that it is unhealthy to not participate in certain things because of what might happen.

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.   So many new challenges face us as parents.  The worst thing you can do is let your fear overtake your life.  I think the best we can do is follow our instincts, protect our children from situations we know are dangerous, and never let on how scared we really are.

* I do believe it is important to have age appropriate conversations with our children about what is happening in our world.  Do a little research to find the best way to discuss.  Here is one I found about the Colorado tragedy: How To Talk To Kids About A Shooting 

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