Husbands Are People Too

I want to let you in on a disagreement my husband and I had recently.  We live in Florida and Scott has decided to take up tennis.  A few lessons here and there, and he is starting to enjoy himself.  He makes some afternoon games and is very happy when he comes home. 

Then one day he tells me that he is going to play Friday night with three other guys.  They will play at around 4:30 and maybe grab a couple of drinks after.  “Great I say”.  One Friday night goes into the next, and before you know it, people are whispering around town that I must be single now because I am at dinner with a minimum of five kids by myself. 

I share this with him.  I tell him that Andre Agassi would never leave Steffi Graf alone on a Friday night.  And he gets mad at me.  He tells me that he should be allowed to hang with the guys one night, and that I am spoiled because a lot of men don’t get home till 730, 8:00 at night. 

So I scream to the kids to get in the storm shelter like the one Dorothy had on her farm, because I think the end of the world is coming.

Because Scott is right.  I am being a selfish bitchy wife.  Why can’t he have a night to himself?  I get to go out with my friends, lunch or drinks, a quick shop. 

We forget sometimes that husbands need boyfriends too, just like we need girlfriends.  They don’t just want to be a husband and Dad, sometimes they just want to be a guy.

So honey, I am sorry.  Play tennis, have some drinks.  Talk about man stuff.  Enjoy yourself.  I will never complain about your tennis game again.

Can you just pick up some tampons on the way home?  I’m out with the kids.

Jen Ross, Author, "Don't Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You"