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I Don’t Part With My Clothes!


Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? I?ve seen it a few times and I am always shocked and disturbed. The people they profile have serious problems saving literally everything. Their stuff is piled up in every room in their house, and it appears as if they don?t even realize it.

Well, I must confess that I too have been called a hoarder. But for me, it?s not newspapers from 1974, or old tv dinners left in the corner of my bedroom, it?s clothes. I have a serious problem getting rid of clothes. To my defense, I don?t leave them all around the house, I store them. In plastic bins, vacuum packed bags, Container Store contraptions, you name it. They are under my bed, in my husband?s closet, but they are always in an orderly fashion. My dogs have complained that the bins under the bed make it harder to get their ball, but I?m limited on space.

And I know if they could talk, they would probably say, ?Seriously, you need to save that Jag outfit?? But if I may approach the bench, I have a good defense.

If you look at fashion from year to year, you come to realize that there are only so many trends and looks. Every two years, the same trends come back. For example, this fall, the fashion world is declaring we will see a lot of turtlenecks and plaid. They also tell you boots and leather are big. Well, I have turtlenecks and plaid. I have boots in every heel and toe style. And leather, let?s just say Leather Tuscadero would be jealous.

fall trend leather

I don?t need to buy anything, because I can just grab my vacuum and unlock my bag.   And I bet that most ladies already have their wardrobe for fall without buying another thing. All you have to do is look.


And for those pieces you think you need to spruce up what you already have, save your money and visit Zara, Asos, Pixie Market, Nasty Gal, and Topshop to start.  And get inspiration from my favorite fashion blog WhoWhatWear.

There is another reason why I save everything. I have this fantasy that my daughter when she is a little older, will raid my closet and think everything is so cool and vintage. And when everyone else is wearing aluminum space suits, ordering Kale omelettes from vending machines, and flying to work, she will be rocking my NAF NAF outfit. And everyone will say, ?Wow, what is this material from the past??

And she will say ?it?s Cotton, biotches, and it?s at least 40 years old.

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