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I Think Life Might Be A John Hughes Movie

peer pressure

I have been preparing this week for a speech I need to give to a group of women. I have done this a number of times before, and I am pretty comfortable speaking in front of people.  Did I mention I have a compulsion for giving impromptu speeches at other people?s rehearsal dinners.

I was young then.  Not as many fears.  Why is it as I get older, I worry about other people?s opinions more?  I feel like the Molly Ringwald character in Pretty in Pink when she walks into prom without a date.  What would they think of her dress?   What will people think of me?  Will Duckie be there?

I truly believe that everyone cares to some degree what others think of them.  It is the motivating factor to certain types of behaviors.  What we wear, how we look, what we say.  The same issues our kids deal with on a daily basis we, as adult women, contend with as well.  It is a fact that we all judge each other.

I tell my kids all of the time.  “Worry about what you do, not what other people will say.”  Easier said than done.

I do believe as we get older, we do care less about other people’s opinions.  For me, that time has not come yet.

So nerves…check, prepared…check, trying to set a good example for my kids…check.

And even though he was a jerk, I do kind of want the James Spaders of the audience to like me, too!  high school bullies

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