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I Want To Live Like A Ski Bum


So sad.  My spring vacation came and went. It seems like as soon as you come back from vacation, you are two days back into the swing of things and you forget how relaxed you were.

Whenever I go skiing, I love watching all the young kids working the lifts. They are so frickin happy.   They are smiling, not a care in the world.  They have tons of friends, or at least it seems that way in the five minutes I am in the lift line.  They want to party, ski, hang with their friends, and earn enough for beer money. They love their life and seem genuinely appreciative to be working in such gorgeous surroundings.  They don’t have any complaints.

So I stare at them for what seems like a creepy amount of time, and I reflect on my own attitude in my life.  Now a lot of times I want to be telling those around me to just shut the f@!K up.  But I have to admit that sometimes when I hear myself talk, I want to tell myself to shut the f@!k up.  I complain too much about the most ridiculous things.  Kid stuff, friend stuff, bloated stomach stuff.

So after spending a glorious week staring at these ski lift guys, I am making a vow to complain less, and not sweat the small stuff as much.

So what if sometimes I need to go to the grocery store more than once a day? Rock on, I love those deli counter guys.

“Mom, I need a book on China for a report due tomorrow.”  No problem dude, I’ll just shred on over to Barnes and Noble.

When my daughter yells at me for bringing the wrong tank top downstairs, I will say, “totally get it, which one do you want to rock?”

When a friend is complaining to me about something ridiculous, a story that is actually taking minutes off my life, “I feel you dude.”

After I have cleaned the house and by the end of the day it looks like a fraternity, “Awesome, my kids really know how to party.”

So the ski bums pretty much have life figured out at 22.  Smile, drink beer, enjoy your life, and try not to break any bones.  They don’t complain because there isn’t that much to complain about, really.

“Mam, can you please get on the damn chair lift?” 

Shit I just made the hot chair lift guy unhappy!

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