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If It’s Important To You, Then It Is To Me Too

Aren’t these men in this picture adorable?  They are at the grocery store buying their Mother’s Day treats.  They have let the moms sleep in, they have probably taken care of the grocery shopping for the week.  They are making their wives feel special and appreciated.  Did you have a great Mother’s Day or do you want to kill your husband for not making your feel special and important?

Scott and I are on the same page now with Mother’s Day.  I think it took a good eleven years.  To be fair, we don’t put that much into these holidays, or even our birthdays.  But with Mother’s Day, I don’t think Scott fully understood my feelings about this holiday. Sure I would hint to Scott that I wanted the kids to get me cards, or make them.  I would leave clues to tell him I wanted him to cater to me a little, or at least fake it.  I really wanted to be recognized on Mother’s Day.  For years maybe there would be cards, not filled out.  Some years I would have to tell the kids what day it was, and some years I would get breakfast in bed.  I finally realized that I needed to honestly express to Scott my feelings about this holiday.  No more hints.  I am as obvious as Audrina Partridge’s boob job.  Now, I prepare Scott months ahead that Mother’s Day is important to me.  

And those are the magic words in any relationship.  I believe that if your significant other tells you that something is important to them, then it should become important to you.

For example, apparently it is important to Scott to eat dinner.  I guess he is a “food snob”, and a bowl of Special K won’t cut it.  So I make sure that I have a nice dinner on the table.  It now is important to me to do that for him.  I myself like to watch a minimum of three hours of fashion coverage before the Oscars. It is important to me.  Scott recognizes this as my Super Bowl, and he gives me that special time.

Of course this important stuff has limits.  Scott can’t tell me “It’s important to me that I explore my sexuality with Strippers.”  I can’t tell him “It’s important to me to test out every new dermatological advancement that I read about.”

So you guys can set the limits.  But the point is, when you are in a relationship, you have to pay attention to what your mate is telling you matters.

So if Mother’s Day is one of those important things for you, tell your guy.  Keep telling him until it becomes important to him, like breathing.

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