I’m Sorry, Eddie Vedder

sorry flowers for eddie vedder

Dear Eddie,

My apologies. I have been travelling so I?m a little behind in some current events. I actually feel pretty bad. You see, my husband has always been a fan of yours. Loves your music. We would talk about it from time to time. It truly is incredible, your musical story. You from a very young age had a talent that few will know. You write your own music and your lyrics are incredible. So for someone like me, well, I interpreted that as meaning you might be some sort of genius. And I?m sorry to put that kind of pressure on you. Maybe I should have just thought you simply know how to write really good music.

You see, I saw this video of you giving what you thought to be a great speech to your fans about the current war. You don?t say it by name, but we get the gist. You say between swigs of wine that we should stop giving our money and taxes to people who bomb children, that people should stop going to other people?s land and stop taking what doesn?t belong to them. After watching this video, well, that?s when I really felt badly for the pressure I have put on you.