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Is Kim Kardashian Smarter Than All Of Us?

Kim Kardashian Thailand

I’m not going to lie. I saw this picture last night on television and called my boys in to see it. I just couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I needed confirmation. “That’s her butt, right?” I had so many questions running through my mind. Does she eat gluten? Is that boat going to leave a mark? How does she find jeans that fit? Does she know baby powder helps get the sand off?

I am sure today the internet is abuzz with comments of shock and outrage over her exhibitionism. Some will find her disgusting, cheap, and talentless.

I think she is more like Albert Einstein. Kim knows exactly what she is doing. She knows what we want from her. She knows how to keep us interested. That butt is buying her Birkins in every color. That butt is getting her on Vogue. That butt gets her a good table, and a larger chair, at the best restaurants. kim k and the birkin

She is not hurting anyone by what she’s doing, unless there was a little child hiding in that boat that she didn’t notice. She is cashing in while she can. In a few years, that butt could take quite a different form.

I am not concerned that she is a bad example for my daughter. My daughter is not looking to the Kardashians for career motivation. Parents should be examples for their kids. And if anyone is going to be a bad example for my daughter, it will be me. I barely do any lunges or squats.

There are actually quite a few non porn industry women who are making a hefty living for just showing pics of their backsides. Anyone every check out Coco’s, Ice T’s wife? Or this New York girl, Jen Selter, who has over a million instagram followers? jen selter

I feel more outraged that there aren’t enough Jewish women exhibitionists. But unfortunately, we know why. G-d decreed, “I will make it look like a potato latke, flat, but your husband will love it on holidays.”

So relax, look, don’t look. Like, don’t like. But it’s hard to look away. Just ask my boys.

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