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It’s Us Against The Kids

Parental Misunderstandings

I don?t know about your house, but there is one constant in mine.  I’ll be having a discussion with my kids; it could be about them taking a shower, which believe you me, I have to discuss a lot with them.  It could be about homework. It could be that I am offering them advice about an issue with friends.

Doesn?t matter, because the hubby will come out of nowhere, mid discussion, and offer his own view.  Just today.  I am telling Jack that I won?t help him with a project that is due tomorrow, a project that I told him to work on for weeks now, and of course, today, he feels the pressure.  Scott comes down the stairs,  ?That?s not right, you have to help him.?   ?I am going to kill you in your sleep.?  I mouth.

After I explained my point, he said,  ?No, Jack, Mom is not going to do this for you.?

And I always think the same thing.  First, “don?t get too mad, he complements you when you make him canned soup,”and, second, “why aren?t we on the same page?”

I try to explain this to him. ?Scott, when you do this, you are like Ritchie Cunningham?s brother from Happy Days.  He is always coming from upstairs, he served no purpose, and he was so annoying Happy Days sent him away.?

You see. I read a lot that parents need to show a united front. Parents need to trick their kids into thinking they share the same view on things.  Isn’t parenting really just tricking our kids about things? This way, they know they can?t try me, fail, and then try Dad.  So, if I am telling the kids that they have to type all their work themselves, or that showering separates us from animal, then that?s our law.  And if I don?t like wire hangers, then neither does Scott.  Of course, I would oblige with everything Scott told them as well?until we got upstairs to our room and I nicely explained to him that he is wrong.

But this dynamic isn’t consistently happening in my house.  My day-to-day life is more like one big Three?s Company episode where Scott comes in, misunderstands the situation, and havoc ensues.

So, as I see it, there are two options. Either I am going to need more housedresses like Mrs. Roper, or Scott and I need to be on the same page in front of the kids.

My page usually, or I am sure Larry would be more than happy to step in.

Do you guys experience this same dynamic? Let?s meet at the Regal Beagle to discuss.

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