Jen, Are You A Sweatist?

I talk to a lot of women who tell me that they wish they could do this, or should have done that.  I see certain people who I know are so dissatisfied with their lives, unhappy actually.  And you know what, I find them quite annoying.   When I first moved to my Truman Show town, I became obsessed with a woman I would see who wore sweatpants literally every day.  I started imagining what her life must be like.  Does she not want to get dressed?  Is she too tired to get dressed? Does she see no need to get dressed? Does she wear a sexier pair when she has sex? Here?s the thing:  Sweats have a time and a place. But if you are always wearing sweats, I think that represents that you are getting lazy.  Lazy about getting dressed, lazy about life.  Too complacent, too comfortable.   I know I have been guilty of it.  Everything is just so.   Things are running smoothly enough.  You and your husband are doing okay, your kids are okay, you feel okay.  You look okay.  You will always just look and feel okay in a pair of sweats.  But do you want to go through your life just okay?  So yes, I guess I am a sweatist.

About me.  I am not going to claim to be an expert in anything.  Maybe online shopping.  I am a mom like you, a friend, a wife.  We probably have a lot of the same stories to tell.

My husband and I high five each other when we think we made a good parenting move. I have a mouth like a truckdriver; a well dressed truckdriver, and I have three kids who drive me to drink. I am pretty good at not sweating the small stuff.  There is so much and I hate to sweat.

I am a good friend who has your back, but will always tell you to sit up straight. I think I am a good combo of superficial and deep.  I am just as interested in finding a good mascara as I am in learning about the best way to deal with my preteen.

So to wear sweats or to not wear sweats is the question.  Where have you been and where are you going?  And of course, what are you going to wear?


Superficial Tip: If comfort is your goal, try a cute t-shirt and straight leg jeans with some stretch in them.  I love the brand Carmar from a store called LF.

Jen Ross,  Author “Don’t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You”

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