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As you know, I love to share my favorite sites, a great book, or beauty products with my friends. I also love to get good tips from you.  There is a lot out there and I can only ignore my children so much to find them.Check in with my Love To Share page often, as I am constantly reading, researching, trying, and sometimes breaking out from all the different products I try.  And all for you!!!

Product of the Day, March 20, 2014

So I’m obsessed with mascara and having long lashes. I come from the school of Don’t Go Out Of The House Withough Mascara University.  Really difficult to get into. The admission process intense. My essay, brilliant.

Mascara takes just a second to put on, and you will always look better and more awake. I found a great lash primer product that is applied before your mascara. It will make your lashes look long, gorgeous and fake. It’s by Lancome:

CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

lancome lash enhancer

Use this product and you will be a walking infomerical…“Everyone asks me if I have fake lashes on.” 

A little tip. Don’t leave the house with just the booster on, you will scare the children.

Product of the Day, March 13, 2014

I love a good sale. Truly, most of my favorite things in my closet have been on sale. I actually get unreasonably angry when I buy something and a few weeks later it’s cheaper. So I try to be alert when my favorite sites are running a special promotion. I have recommended in a lot of my posts. They have great stuff, and super cute dresses. Right now they are offering 25% off all dresses. With the weather warming up everywhere, take advantage now.



Product of the Day, March 5, 2014

Ballet Top

So my latest obsession has been finding the perfect ballet top. I wanted something clean and simple that I could wear with jean shorts or with a great pleated skirt. This ballet top by Commando, yes, Commando, the invisible underwear people, is perfect. The material is so soft, you feel skinny in it because it sucks you in a little, and you can manipulate the top of the shirt a little to make it off the shoulder when you want to feel like Olivia Newton John in Grease when she turns all bad at the graduation carnival.


Product of the Day, February 5, 2014:

coconut oil moisturizer

I feel like we have established a relationship by now. I get you and you get me. There is no judgment. You don’t think I just sit around reading about the latest beauty product and then immediately go buy it and try it. Thank you. It means a lot.

So, I was sitting around the other day, reading a magazine article about winter skin. I don’t know about you, but as I begin to hit what I like to call adult puberty, I find that my skin has become really sensitive to most body lotions. But it’s a problem because I need to moisturize. My skin gets so dry I could be the villain in the next Spiderman movie, Scaly Mom. Her evil power? Brushing dead skin cells on the citizens of New York City.

I have tried every product out there. When all else fails, you need to travel to the land of “nothing can hurt you here”.  It’s called Whole Foods. And it’s there that I bought a huge nine dollar tub of magic. We’ve all read about the benefits of Coconut Oil. For skin care, it’s super moisturizing. After the shower, I literally take a handful and slather it on. You need to get used to the smell a bit, and you may feel a little slippery until it sets in. Just the other night Scotty was getting frisky, and he slipped right off me, hit his head on the nighstand, and passed out. I rolled over and watched Pretty Little Liars. I need to catch up. He was breathing.

I also use the oil on my hair sometimes, put a shower cap on, and rinse it off in the shower after ten minutes. I am kind of like the Martha Stewart of moisturizing right now.

And, I am no longer the supervillain. I am now Spidey’s friend, Moisturized Mama.



October 24, 2013-Look On The Bright Side

I admit that I am a bit obsessed with my skin. I will try anything, scrub, peel, laser. I have even considered buying that weird Hannibal mask Linda Evans used to sell. Face mask for wrinkles


I just want that beautiful Olivia Palermo glow. Olivia Palermo glow

And with my latest product I think I am getting closer. It’s SkinMedica Lytera Brightening Complex. I use a little in the morning and at night and my stubborn spots are fading. No joke. My skin feels great and the famous infomercial tagline, “people are telling me my skin looks great” is actually happening.  I am not aspiring for Michael Jackson fading, just clear fresh faced skin. Ask your dermatologist for a sample. Give it a few weeks. Be consistent and I think you will be happy with the results.


September 19, 2013-Help! My Skin Is Sagging And It Can’t Get Up!

I used to feel badly for my friends who complained to me that the texture of their skin on their legs was changing.  “It was getting saggy”, they explained, and dimply.  I felt badly, but felt happy for myself that this wasn’t happening to me.  Well, let’s just say that recently I was in a compromising position where I was looking down at my legs, and it wasn’t pretty!! The skin was going in directions I didn’t know it could. I had to do something.  So for the past few months I have been using SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate.  I kind of think it is doing something. I don’t notice those little ripples anymore and my skin feels a little tighter. I try to be religious and use it morning and night. Of course I need to work out, but this product is a good complement to that.  And besides, in my head, I think it’s working.  That’s something, right? BTW, I haven’t told my friends I have this problem, so let’s keep this on the down low.

Helpful Hint: Go to places where this product is sold and ask for a sample first.  You can see if it works for you before you make the investment.  

Body Firming Lotion and  Creams



September 12, 2013-Finally Something With The Word Blow In It That I  Love :

By now you know that I will try at least anything once. Beauty products, that is.  I read lots of magazines. Scroll through lots of sites.  If I keep seeing the same product over and over, it means one of two things.  The company has amazing PR, or the product is really that good.  Recently I read about the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000.  It promised the quickest easiest blowdry.  This blowdryer promised to help with frizz and shine too.  Basically, it used all the perfect words for someone like me who recently has been walking around with crazy frizzy, almost homeless looking hair.

So I did it.  I took the plunge.  I mean, if someone is promising me a quicker blow, well, I need to take it where I can.  The price is a little hefty, I admit.  But at this point, I would pay a little more to alleviate the frustration I have with styling my hair.  And because I am quite gifted in justifying my purchases, I factored in how often I get a professional blowout, and well, somehow I figured out that this new blowdryer is practically free.

This morning I used it for the first time.  And you know what?  It is the easiest, best blowdryer I have ever used.  My hair doesn’t look frizzy, I smoothed out my roots in minutes, and I think I can honestly say my hair looks shiny and smooth.

I would post you a video of the whole experience, but it involves me, bent over, with my head upside down, naked.  And I can’t show stuff like that unless I am getting real money.








Older Entries, But Still Great!!

the blake lively glow


Maybe it’s my obsession with Gossip Girl, but doesn’t Blake Lively look like she is just back from St. Tropez, used the perfect amount of sunscreen, had a man butler hold her umbrella at just the right angle, and has the perfect aftersex Ryan Reynolds glow?  Well I have found that equivalent in the Laura Mercier peach mosaic compact.  Brusch across the combo of these gorgeous four colors and your friends will be convinced you just got back from hanging with Blake.


all over glow


So I break out.  Don’t understand why and don’t tell me it’s hormonal.  I don’t like that word.  I like to think it’s because I am like a pubescent teenager.  I choose to deal with my break outs like I deal with my mother-in-law, quickly, and with no mercy.  This product by Kate Somerville does the trick.  Dab a little on the troubled areas at night, by morning, you aren’t embarrassed to show your face in study hall.  Oops, forgot I was forty.

Kate Somerville pimple treatment

You know how I know I am forty?  Because for only about two weeks out of my month, I don’t have gray hairs.  When I can’t get to the colorist to fix me up, I have to use a bit of a bandaid which comes in the form of root concealer spray.  It’s a lifesaver!  There are a ton on the market now.  Find one that works for you.

root concealer for grays





Shopping Sites I love:


Best Sunscreen:  I try to commit to wearing sunscreen daily. Reapplying throughout the day. Because I am in Florida, finding a good sunscreen is as essential as a good boob job. So I have tried many, sunscreens, not boob jobs. Many cause me to break out and look oily.  This new one by Neutorgena is doing the trick.  Great coverage, I don’t look pasty and white, and I am not breaking out.  Check it out.

sunscreen that won't make you breakout.




My makeup bag looks like I have a problem.  I haven’t met a color I don’t like.  I believe every blush I buy, every powder will take me one step closer to ICarly glow.  A new product I love is The Multiple by Nars.  It is a blush stick that you can roll on, or apply with your fingers or a sponge.  It comes in a bunch of colors.  It’s a time saver and you will look dewy!


I love this eyeliner from Clinique called Quickliner for eyes.  It comes in a bunch of colors and it’s so easy to use!  Happy cat eyes!


Good Aging Tips:

I love finding good segments about how to care for your skin and age prevention tips.  This is a great segment from the Today Show about what to do for your skin as you age.  You will notice that most of these products can be found at your local drug store.

I love the Alpha Bets Daily Face Peels from Dr. Dennis Gross.  I don’t use them every day because I am worried they will be too strong for my skin.  I feel like I am getting rid of a lot of dirt when I use them and my skin glows after. Of course, check with your skin care professional before using a new product.

Always wanting to look like a sunkissed Blake Lively, a good tan is essential.  An orange tan is scary.  I found some great tanning towellettes by Kate Somerville.  I usually just do my legs, but they are good to use from head to toe.  Get someone to help you with the back of your body, prefereably someone you know very well.


Books I love that agree with me!

Dr. Oz’s new book, You Being Beautiful:

“Beauty is the foundation of our feelings, our health, our humanity,” says Dr. Oz. “When you look good outside, you feel good inside.” Think about that for one moment: America’s most beloved doctor is telling you that not only is it okay for you to try to look good, but it’s also imperative for your well-being. Time to schedule that facial ? doctor’s orders!

“When you look good and feel good, your body is healthier and your whole life is better,” Dr. Oz explains. “What’s more, science shows that a fit and healthy body is actually biologically younger than one that’s flabby and out of shape.”  buy at


Hair Care:

Nothing is better than a perfect blowout.  Your hair is bouncy and shiny.  You could star in those old Pantene commercials “Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful.”  But blowouts only last for a few days, and if I try to drag it out any longer, I look very greasy.  So at home, when I am forced to wash it, I now use the Fekkai Ageless Creme Luxe Hair Treatment Hair And Scalp Treatment.  I use this at least once a week.  You can leave it on overnight, or for just a few minutes.



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