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Makeup And Skincare Tips From A Mom Who Cares

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As promised, I have a few recommended items that might make your medicine cabinet a more lean mean fighting machine.  Your makeup counter, organized and beautiful.

My problem, as you can gather from yesterday?s post, Is There A Quick Fix?, is that I am constantly trying a new product, a new lipstick, a new blush.

I guess because I have committed to one man for the rest of my life, I need to change up other areas of my life constantly, or….I just like products, and the free samples at Sephora.  But didn?t I make shopping have deeper meaning for a minute?

So apparently, you are not supposed to put five different creams and lotions on your face.  Less is more, for skincare and makeup.

I have read too many magazines.  Asked skin care advice from people I thought looked dewy, but were just oily.  I have hit rock bottom, as evidenced by the crazy breakout I had last week, where, I know for a fact, when Scott looked at me, he loved me less.

I finally sat down with my wonderful dermatologist who told me I should just follow three steps in the morning, and three in the afternoon; and that I was using the wrong products for my skin type.  As I have said before, I think before you start purchasing a bunch of skin care products,  consult with a dermatologist you trust to understand exactly what your skin needs at this stage in your life.

Just putting it out there that I don?t receive any compensation for mentioning the products above.  Consider me the Jewish Mother Theresa.  I just want to share and make the world a better, more dewy faced place.

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