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Making A Backstory For Your Outfits


One of the biggest fights I have with my daughter is about giving herself time to pick out what she wants to wear to school. If she would just do it at night, I think all fights could be avoided, and maybe we could take a road trip together.

For me, I like to think about my outfits ahead of time. Even if I don?t set it out, if I know what I want to wear, it saves me enough time to then yell at Julia about taking too much time.

Even though it is hotter than Hades in Florida right now, I am already planning for that perfect fall day, when we visit my oldest at school up north. The day when the trees are turning, the air is crisp, and the fashion g-ds are begging for the perfect yet casual ensemble for me to wear when I run into my son?s arms, screaming, Mama?s here, Mama?s here.

I know. I may be specific with my fashion scenarios. But I have always found it quite helpful. Especially to help with the guilt of the purchases. When my friend and I lived in New York City, we would reward ourselves with a few hours of shopping after we spent hours studying for our law school exams, and we would help each other justify what we were buying by telling each other exactly when we would wear it.

Oh, that is perfect for reading the newspaper on a lazy Sunday at a great brunch place that only serves pancakes. Or, you definitely need that poncho if you eat downtown, and Kate Hudson lives downtown, and she eats, so she might walk in and say, ?Cool Poncho.? I?m telling you, this Justification Game could be bigger than Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Anyways, I?m going through a lot to tell you I want to wear a cute fall sweater with jeans and booties when I go up north.

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