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Marriage Amnesia

Hopefully by now you are getting to know me a bit better.  Maybe you have been able to tell that I like to view life?s challenges in simpler ways and can find great help in comparing everyday life issues with fashion issues.

Like the way I met my husband, Scott.  He fit me perfectly.  When I met him, it was like finding the most perfect pair of vintage Levis.  They were comfortable, made me feel good, and I didn?t think anyone else would find a pair like them.

So it pains me to sometimes see Scott as my hot pink Jag outfit, kulat pants included.  You know how you can love an outfit so much that it actually made you a happier person, then one day you go to get it out of your closet and you think, ?what did I ever see in you, this is the worst outfit I ever bought!?

And that, my friends, is marriage in a nutshell.  But don?t be alarmed, don?t start setting Scott up.  Because I am sure sometimes he sees me as his Z. Cavariccis, and his Van Halen muscle shirt.

That?s the point.  Sometimes, you are going to love everything about your mate, and then there will be other times where you have Marriage Amnesia.  Scott and I have had fights, and in that moment I can?t remember why I ever loved him, let alone liked him.  ?Who are you, where am I?  Did I marry you??  Kind of like that movie The Vow, that was just in theaters.  I didn?t see it, but I think the girl lost her memory, couldn?t remember her husband, and then he spent every day reminding her why she loved him.

Too sappy for me.  In the real world, you have to know going into a marriage that you will experience temporary amnesia from time to time.  It?s okay.   You and your guy have to work together to avoid making it permanent.

So how do you ward off Marriage Amnesia?  I have found that regular date nights  with my husband help a lot.  We will go to dinner, shoot the shit.  I will ask him if I am pretty and a good mom.  Stuff like that.  Or if we don?t have a sitter, we load the kids up on Benadryl and hide in our room.  (don?t call child protective services, kidding) However you can, you need to spend time together.  There?s a lot of tricks to avoiding Marriage Amnesia, find what works for you and stick to it.

Truth be told, I never throw out any of my outfits, because I always remember what I loved about them.

Jen Ross, Author, ?Don?t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will leave You?

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