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A Mom Really Likes Movie Candy!!

peanut m&msSo the other night I went to the movies with friends. We saw LA LA Land. Don?t want to ruin anything for you, but when they were winning every Golden Globe, I imagined myself in the audience, looking amazing, sitting next to Brad Pitt, telling him, ?I told you you should have stayed with Jen,? then raising my hand each time they won, and saying ?I don?t get it.? Anyways, I?m in the movie, probably in the first 20 minutes I have scarfed down most of my popcorn and candy mix. You see, it?s popcorn, then I take my whole box of Peanut M&M?s, and mix it up. It?s the best thing ever, and I am always super upset that this party in my mouth is nearing its end.


As I am sleeping, I mean, watching the movie, I keep getting really excited every time I find an M&M in the mix. I thought they were all gone, and then they appear. Then I started talking to myself, or singing, to keep up with the theme of the movie, saying, ?Jen, you are getting a little too excited when you find the M&M?s. What the hell is wrong with you?

Now maybe it?s because I was excited because I realized Ryan Gosling was in love in real life with a lovely Latina, and I am Latina, so I thought, he loves me too, but I think I was just really excited about the M & M’s.

ryan gosling golden globes

Then I thought, I hope I never stop getting excited about things. Big or small. Because if you really think about it, if you can?t get excited about things in your life, things can start looking pretty grim.

Let?s face it. Day to day shit can get so monotonous. Just the other day, Jack and I had a heated discussion because he doesn?t like the turkey I have been buying him. All our heated discussions usually end with, ?It will kill you.? Processed meat, the sun, hot dogs, overmasturbation.

Point is, the routine in our lives can bring us down sometimes where we robotically go through the motions and forget that there is so much to be excited about. A new friend, a great book, a new challenge at work, a new place you want to travel to, your relationship, a new serum that tightens and firms the skin, your kid saying thanks.

From the right perspective, so many things are that last Peanut M&M.

So eat up, and I hope you are having a great start to the New Year.



Some Things I?m Excited About Right Now:

BOOKS: As you know I joined a book club, and even though it kind of made me feel like I had one foot in the old folks home, I get excited about my new book, about my club nights, about talking to other women and learning from them. Even though I also buy my face razors from them, Amazon is still a great place to order your books, you get them super fast and you can check out the best sellers and read the reviews.

JANUARY SALES: Retailers make you think all the sales are after Thanksgiving and Christmas. But now is a great time to get excited about the deals. Intermix and Net-A-Porter are just a couple of sites where you can grab some great things at amazing prices.

sale dress intermix

WORKOUTS: Of course it?s predictable to want to get fit in January. But it?s quite true. I have not stopped eating. No remorse, but I do enjoy buttoning my jeans. There are so many ways to get fit now. Whether you want to work out at home, or join a gym, really the most important thing is too look good doing it. There are so many options for workout wear and looking good motivates you. Even though presently, I can scoop up my stomach when I touch my toes, I am excited to work hard, feel good, and be healthy for my family.

waist trimmer

EDUCATION: One of the things I am excited about is furthering my education in something I?m interested in. Have you always wanted to take a photography course, or learn French, or take an Art History class?  There is no reason why you can?t explore taking a course in something you have always been interested in. Check your local universities for courses.

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