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Mom Shops Her Closet

greatest closet

This is not my closet. This is the closet I dream about at night.

Hubby and I were having a conversation about curbing my shopping habit.  Something about a fiscal cliff and his insistence on sending our kids to college.  I suppose I can take a breather.  But husbands just don’t understand that the feeling women get from shopping is like the feeling they got when we had sex before we got married.  It’s always exciting, the fun never ends, and you can do it over and over.

So I am just not ready to give it up.  Every so often I like to survey my closet.  It can get messy and unorganized, and I forget that I have a great pair of pants or a sweater that has been neglected.  Truly, if we were all really honest with ourselves, we could admit that we probably have everything we need right in our closets.  The hard part is figuring out how to make everthing work together so that our looks are fresh.

Now although I think I can put an outfit together pretty well, I do look to the magazines, websites, and certain shows for motivation.  I don’t find it weird that I watch Gossip Girl with a camera, or that I have an unnatural obsession with Rachel Bilson.  It’s fun to find certain celebrity looks that are realisitc and then shop my closet to see if I can make them my own.

Now whenever you play the game, “What would you need to have if you were stranded on a deserted island?” I just don’t think we hear “a crisp white button down” enough.  But that item, my friends, along with a few others, is essential to have when you shop your closet.

So these pictures can serve as motivation to make cuter outfits with what we have in our closet, or as motivation to buy a few things we are lacking by convincing ourselves that if we were ever stuck on a deserted island, we would never make it.

I myself might do a little shopping.  Don’t tell the ball and chain.  And besides, isn’t a college education overrated?

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