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Mom Wars

I am not very political.  I think political groups are  like cliques with followers.  Really, you can compare anything in life to high school.  But give me a good girl fight and I have to say something.  So much in recent weeks with regard to stay-at-home moms versus working moms.  With Hilary Rosen?s comment that Ann Romney, stay-at-home mom to five boys, ?had never worked a day in her life? everyone became enraged and the debate became center stage about stay-at-home moms versus working out-of-the home moms.  Some articles were good, A Working Mom defends the lululemon stay-at-home-mother, where the author acknowledged the idea that we should not judge women by their “covers”.

To me,  this combat between these two groups is a little ridiculous.  I picture two cheerleading squads.

The working moms, ?Hey you over there, have fun at home doing your hair.?

The stay-at-home moms, ?That?s all right, that?s okay, maybe you?ll see your kids someday.?

Debating about the virtue of a woman?s decision to work outside of the home, or to stay at home to raise the kids is so insulting to women.  And we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Everyone has decisions to make, financial responsibilities, obligations. Why can?t everyone just allow us to be?

But women are to blame.  Working moms, please stop thinking SAHM moms work out all day and lunch. It’s beyond insulting.

And stay-at-home moms, stop judging the working mom for not spending as much time with her kids.  The kids are just fine.

If we didn?t talk about it, if we accepted each other?s choices, we wouldn?t be giving fuel to others who have no business deciding what is best for us.  So stop all the cheering for your own team.  Last time I checked, we were on the same one.

And if you are at all curious, I am a SAHM, never made cheerleading, and consider myself CEO of the Ross Corporation, and I dabble in a little embezzlement.

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