Top Ten Reasons I’m Running Away From Home

When I was a little girl I told my parents I was running away from home. I angrily grabbed my snoopy suitcase (reason enough to run why did I have that?) and started packing. My loving father came upstairs and handed me a $20 because he said I would need a little cash. I stomped downstairs, out the front door, and down the street for ….about 5 minutes. My mom was following me probably promised me Sara Lee poundcake and I cowardly caved.

Now I?m 46 and have decided to temporarily run away from home next weekend. I?m a planner so I needed to schedule my escape.

Here are the top ten reasons I?m bailing:

  1. I ask questions to my family and it?s like they disintegrate into thin air. They literally don?t answer me
  2. I emptied the dishwasher 5 times in 3 days
  3. I?m not happy with my bathroom lighting situation 
  4. If I watch Julia scroll though her phone for one more second I will…
  5. My husband disagreed with me. He knows I hate that
  6. I can?t poop here
  7. Postmates is starting to judge me as a mother 
  8. I need to meet new people and find out what they enjoy on Netflix
  9. I want to drink earlier and it not be frowned upon
  10. Mama just needs a time out

A few disclaimers. I had a fantastic family filled Mother’s Day. I love my family. I’m lucky. I know we all do and we all feel lucky. But it?s ok to complain from time to time. It?s ok to say “I?m gonna be right back. Just give me a sec.” Kids get it with sleepovers, camp and various summer activities. I think husbands should do it more with guy trips, adventure outings, or…. hookers. 

See: A Mom Wants A Girl Trip

I will run away temporarily and be better for it. I just hope I don?t have to pay the stupid airline change fee when I book a later flight home.

**I’ve upgraded from my Snoopy case to my favorite carry-on ever! I’ve packed for a week with plenty to choose from.

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