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A Mom Likes To Close The Bathroom Door

oversharing in relationships

I was watching a video of myself talking and I discovered that I may have a slight lisp.

Me:  Scott, I think I have a lisp.  Do I sound like I have a lisp?

Scott:  Yes, you kind of have always had a lisp.

Me:  I have?  Why haven?t you ever told me?  I?ve had a lisp the whole time we are together, and you never mentioned it?

Scott: Nope.

So it got me to thinking. What else has Scott decided not to tell me during the course of our relationship?  Sure I understand his motivation.  I am kind of defensive.  And I know I keep things from him.

I actually think that?s why we are still together.  We both have a strong belief in nondisclosure.  Not just keeping in the bad stuff about us, but other normal everyday stuff as well. I have never been an over-sharer and never understood couples who feel compelled to share everything.

Like Scott?s childhood memories, or how many girls he slept with, or his real name. Does knowing this make that much of a difference for our relationship?

I like the idea of still trying to figure Scott out.  We try not to have too many ?what are you thinking right now?? moments.

Why? Because sometimes he might be thinking, ?I should have married my college girlfriend, and sometimes I am thinking, ?People in China know you are eating chips right now!?

It?s okay to keep some things to yourself in marriage.  Share the important stuff.   Scott was wise not to tell me about my lisp.  What am I going to do about it now? Share the stuff that makes a difference.  I have to believe that a little mystery is good for a relationship.

And really, don’t you think keeping the bathroom door opened kills the mystery of it all?

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