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New School Year Resolutions

Don?t you think there is too much importance placed on New Year?s Resolutions?  New Year, New You?   For us moms, I believe our year begins when the school year starts.  So I propose, now is the best time for resolutions.  The time to become the best darn mom you can be. This can mean something different for everyone.

For me, I resolve to be the type of mom who, when she takes her kids for yogurt, actually has that customer rewards card on her, all wholes punched, and is eligible for one free yogurt.

I resolve:

-to make my kids a better breakfast, and not think a waffle, if toasted twice, is gourmet.

-to be organized from Day One of school.  Fresh backpacks, sharpened number two pencils, and a package of those little white stickie things you put on notebook paper wholes when they rip.

-to check said backpacks daily for teachers notes, assignments, field trip forms, and uneaten sandwiches.

-to make school lunches so healthy, my kids will be made fun of in the cafeteria.

-to have a full supply of school supplies for all necessary refills and reports.  When my kids ask, ?hey mom, can you get me a blue and white striped trapper keeper, I will say, ?It?s in the school supplies section in our home office, right next to the arts and crafts shelf.?

-to not freak out when I don?t understand my kid?s homework because I will know that everything is Googleable (my word, looking to own it).

-to recognize that we will all rarely be home at the same time for a meal. I will run dinnertime like a cruise, with different seatings, and you won?t know who you’ll be eating with.

-to not freak out when my preteen goes straight to his room, only to answer me from upstairs, behind his bedroom door, ?It was good.?

-to refrain from asking my kids, ?What did I get on the Science Project??

-to order enough wrapping paper from my child?s school fundraiser so they can get a rubber frog.

-to get one of those amazing field chairs so the other moms at the games are jealous.

And most important, I resolve to really enjoy this school year, and say, ?I can?t wait till summer,? only once a week.

*Helpful hint:  I have actually purchased the majority of my school supplies.  For me, this is quite an accomplishment.  If you have your kid’s supply list, get it done.

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