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No Time For Squats?

easy mom home workouts

I hate going to the doctor.  I don?t have a fear of them. I am fine with shots and the poking and prodding. Sometimes, I actually like the poking and prodding.  I don?t like the waiting rooms.  It?s just a fact that older people have to go the doctor.  Not me old people, but older people, let?s say 80 and up .  So I sit in the waiting rooms, and I notice that not many look very comfortable or healthy.  Some have trouble walking, some are with personal aids, and some I think have letters to their doctors requesting euthanization.

I am scared about this stage.  I want to be as healthy and comfortable for as long as possible, for as long as it?s in my control.

And it?s this fear that makes me exercise.  Because I hate exercising. I am not one of those gals who talk about the endorphins, the thrill of working out.  I do it because I want to be healthy and have a strong body.  When I am older I don’t want to wear Depends while watching CSI.

Oh, and I also want to wear slutty dresses.  So I try to do a little bit of everything, from the elliptical, to a video, or yoga.  It all helps. But, as I?m sure you can relate, sometimes there are days where I can?t for the life of me find the time to get a work out in.   Okay, if I was being 100% truthful, I know I could find the time if I tried a little.  Just like I know when I say I am bloated, it really means I put on five pounds.

The reality is, fitting a little bit of exercise in daily is easier than you think.  You just have to be a little motivated, creative, and committed.


  1. Write it down like an appointment. I know I told you this in Moms Getting Healthy, but we have to view exercise as an essential part of our days. You don?t just skip the dentist or a pediatrician?s appointment.  If you treat exercise the same way, you won?t ignore it.
  2. Invest in some at home exercise equipment like weights, a mat, and a resistance band.  So many exercises don?t require fancy equipment.  You can accomplish a lot with these items, and then you aren?t dependent on the gym.
  3. If you only have five minutes, do one circuit of five exercises.  Start with ten jumping jacks, then ten lunges on each side, then ten squats, ten sit-ups, and one minute in a plank position.  If you only have a few minutes left, cut the reps in half to five.  A lot of the women?s health magazines often include great exercise circuit with pictures and guides so you can follow them easily.
  4. Walk around the block with your kids.  This way you can get exercise in for you and your child, and catch up with them on their day.
  5. Pop in a ten-minute video.  Yes!! They do exist.  I love Tony Horton?s Ten Minute Trainer Videos. He has a cardio one, abs, legs, and total body.  They are all great workouts, and you will be sweating at the end.
  6. If you have stairs in your home, run them a few times.  Then do lunges on them by skipping steps.
  7. Blast music at the end of the night with the family and have a Dance-off.  Dancing is fun and a great way to burn off calories.  Twerking burns off a brownie, I hear.
  8. If you are beat, and just want to finally learn How He Met His Goddam Mother, plop yourself in front of the TV, grab some light weights and do some bicep curls and tricep work while sitting in bed. Or lay on the floor while watching and do some Jane Fonda floor work with a resistance band. No joke about Jane Fonda.  Have you seen her lately? Jane Fonda, in her 70's and looks better than most moms in their forties.
  9. Have a jump rope contest with the kids.  The winner gets a prize.  If you win, they have to rub your dirty feet.  And if they win, they get dinner.
  10. Sex with the hubby. This is exercise, your guy is happy, and you can ask him during if your legs seem firmer.

So no more excuses.  We all have a few minutes a day to get healthier. At the very least fit in a few kegels.  And you can reward yourself after with a glass of wine.

P.S. I am not a certified trainer, so the wine may not be the best advice.  But they do say to drink a lot of fluids, right?

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