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Oh my God! I Think My Husband Is Siri

I don?t know about you, but every time I watch those Apple Siri commercials with Zoey Deschanel I want to scream!  In cute, adorable Zoey?s commercial, she asks Siri about the weather, ?Is that rain?? ?Let?s order tomato soup.?

?Okay, I found a few places that deliver.?

?Play me shake rattle and roll.?

I have an iPhone 4S.  And these commercials are fake advertising!  And as soon as I am done getting my kids’ stuff ready for camp, I have every intention of starting a petition.

I think I am so angry at Siri because I realize that she communicates with me like my husband does.  Like probably a lot of guys do with their wives.  I am not sure if I should take Scott?s communication skills personally, or just accept that this is the way guys talk.  There have been a lot of studies about how different men and women are. We are talkers, they are avoiders. I actually think, correct that, I know, that Scott will opt to agree with me rather than have a whole discussion about something.  It?s like he is thinking, ?If I say ?okay? to Jen, that is only one word I need to use. I am going with ?okay?. It?s quick, it?s clean, and nobody gets hurt.?  I know his game, and I play too? in other ways.  It?s quick, it?s clean, you get in, you get out, and nobody gets hurt.  But there are times where I would enjoy a little back and forth.

The majority of the time it goes something like this:

I will try to talk to him about an issue from my day: 

Scott/Siri ?I don?t know what you are saying right now.?

?Scott, we need to take care of a few things for the kids.

Scott/Siri ?Please try later, I am unable to help you now.?

?Scott, Do you think I look fat in this??

Scott/Siri ?I really couldn?t say, Jen.?

?Scott, how does your Mom feel about me??

Scott/Siri ?I would prefer not to say.?

No cute Zoey/Siri banter here.  What to do?  I suppose Scott and I could work on our communication skills.  I could give Scott a mandatory minimum word count.  I could phrase my questions so that they don?t seem so naggy.    There is hope for us.  For all of us.

As for me and Siri, I don?t think she will ever find me a place that delivers a good Lentil soup.

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