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One Mom Finds The Perfect Blowdryer

September 12, 2013-Finally Something With The Word Blow In It That I Love:

best blowdryer ever

By now you know that I will try at least anything once. Beauty products, that is.  I read lots of magazines. Scroll through lots of sites.  If I keep seeing the same product over and over, it means one of two things.  The company has amazing PR, or the product is really that good.  Recently I read about the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000.  It promised the quickest easiest blowdry.  This blowdryer promised to help with frizz and shine too.  Basically, it used all the perfect words for someone like me who recently has been walking around with crazy frizzy, almost homeless looking hair.

So I did it.  I took the plunge.  I mean, if someone is promising me a quicker blow, well, I need to take it where I can.  The price is a little hefty, I admit.  But at this point, I would pay a little more to alleviate the frustration I have with styling my hair.  And because I am quite gifted in justifying my purchases, I factored in how often I get a professional blowout, and well, somehow I figured out that this new blowdryer is practically free.

This morning I used it for the first time.  And you know what?  It is the easiest, best blowdryer I have ever used.  My hair doesn’t look frizzy, I smoothed out my roots in minutes, and I think I can honestly say my hair looks shiny and smooth.

I would post you a video of the whole experience, but it involves me, bent over, with my head upside down, naked.  And I can’t show stuff like that unless I am getting real money.

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