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Parenting and Shock Value

I have been reading lately about these radical parents.  The Tiger Mom, the Extreme Dieter Mom, the Dad who shot his daughter?s computer.

We are a culture that craves shock value. Do we really believe that the more radical the idea, the better it is?  I marvel at this and feel very out of fashion with my parenting philosophy.

I think I am pretty lax when it comes to raising my kids.  Of course, with my first, when I didn?t know anything, I was a nervous nelly.  I cut up his grapes in twentieths, at the movies my husband and I would break up his popcorn to such a degree that Ben couldn?t hold on to the piece with his fingers.  I probably would have loved Alicia Silverstone?s idea of chewing up the food then placing it directly into his mouth.

With each child, I have chilled quite a bit, and now I try not to worry too much about the little things.  If I had to title a book about my parenting philosophy, it would probably be called, The Koala Bear Mom.  Koala Bears are sweet and cuddly, and they can climb trees and hide.  I sometimes like to hide as well.

My parenting rules are simple:

  1. Tell them you love them every day
  2. Teach them to be decent and kind to others
  3. Don?t take them to the Apple Store
  4. Teach them that they have the power to be successful in life
  5. Teach them to give back to others
  6. Teach them how to open a bottle of wine for mommy
  7. Help them find their passion, preferably in internet software or some sort of music sharing program
  8. Tell them you are proud of them every day
  9. Teach them that their siblings are their best friends
  10.  Teach them to live near you when they marry, preferably all together in a Dynasty like house where everyone dresses in long gowns for Tuesday night dinner.

Most important, tell them to never pick their nose in the car, someone is always watching.  And moms, if you see a unibrow developing on any of your children, take care of it.  I knew a kid with a unibrow, things did not work out for him.

Jen Ross, Author , ?Don?t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You?

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