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So I love all the philosophical questions like “if a tree falls in the forest but no one is there does it make a sound?” Or if a mom stands in a dark pantry and eats a sleeve of thin … Continue reading

I?m laying on my stomach. My head to the side as she applies the solution on my raised moles. I?m told this will force them to scab and fall off and in a few months my back will be beautiful … Continue reading

So the other night I went to the movies with friends. We saw LA LA Land. Don?t want to ruin anything for you, but when they were winning every Golden Globe, I imagined myself in the audience, looking amazing, sitting … Continue reading

I think most of us have had one. Of course there is no pride in it. Sure we talk about it with our closest girlfriends, reminiscing about another time. For me, it was junior year of college. I was, I … Continue reading

  So this last Saturday I went out with a few other couples to a really fun restaurant. It turns into a club and all the waiters are hot, music starts blaring around 10:30, they start dancing, co2 tanks start … Continue reading