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The Business Of Marriage

Marriage and running a family

I should know it?s coming. Like when I get my lower back pain before it?s my time of the month.

Every year during this time it?s the same thing. The Ross Corporation is open for business.

With the school year two weeks in already; even though I feel like they have been going for months, our marriage makes a quick transition from summer bliss to the business of marriage.

It probably happens to most of us.

Business meetings about sneaker acquisitions for the kids. Status reports about kids? performances in school. And don’t even get me started about the glitches with the company’s Excel regarding Julia?s soccer tournament schedule. The glitch being that I don?t know how to use Excel.

Scott and I will have morning meetings, sometimes without coffee or any sort of pastry basket, where we discuss the company?s afternoon rotation of our employees.

We get so bogged down with our company?s performance, I start to get extremely annoyed, and then I report Scott to Human Resources.  My friends run that.

Then there are the meetings for the Household assignments. Business trips to the mattress store, board meetings about lawn care. Meetings about mergers of friends for Saturday night plans. The worst– employee reviews of expense reports where I have to justify the fringe purse acquisition, showing why it?s good for the entire company, and not just for me. And let me tell you, I was a little creative crunching the numbers on that one.

So surely, as you can see, with all this business going on, it?s possible that the CEOs don?t have a real conversation for a while.

After our lovely company retreat this past Labor Day weekend, we strategized and came up with some solutions.

1) Choose a mutually agreeable time to go over all the business for the week. For some, a morning review works best. For other couples, after the kids go to bed at night. Stick to that time, so that the rest of the day lends itself to more enjoyable conversation. Some may prefer emailing the company business plan. Whatever works for you as a couple. The point is to efficiently take care of it, then move on.
sharing resposbilities with friends
2) Set up a night a week for the CEO?s to socialize outside of the office. Get a babysitter and get dinner, see a movie, or get together with other companies. Just no business. And if your company is in the red, maybe timeshare your duties with another company, and your employees can be overseen by them for a while. Remember in 9 to 5, when Lily Tomlin did a timeshare thing with the secretarial jobs? That worked out well, right?

3) And most important, you have to take some time to sneak into the break room together.

How do you think I?ve gotten all my raises?

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