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The Crazy Mom Board Game

Now things can get pretty slow in the suburbs.  Sometimes, you have to find interesting ways to amuse yourself.  So my friend Amy and I like to play, ?Damn, that mom is f@#!#n crazy!  It is really quite easy and I am looking into developing this pastime into a fun board game.

The rules are as follows, you walk around town, maybe your kids? school, or at a party, or at the sports fields.  You see a crazy mom and add her to your list. The person who gets five crazy moms first, wins.

Now don?t get all judgy on us until you try it yourself.  Then you will thank me.

A lot of things can qualify the mom as crazy.  Screaming too loud for your kid on the soccer field, yelling at your child?s friends for not including her in something, even something as simple as making an over the top birthday party.

After this story, you might even pick me as one of your five crazy moms.

Now silly bands were big a few years back.  Those stupid rubber bands that look only like rubber bands on your kids? wrist until you take them off, lay them on a flat surface, and see that they make a shape, be it a frog, or a baseball bat.  I am extremely bitter and jealous of the inventor.

So one day my son came home hysterical that he had made an awful trade.  He traded his IPOD band for a stupid crab band.  He?s crying, which always brings out my sensitive side, and I say, ?How the f@#k could you make that trade? Have I taught you nothing??

Now, noncrazy mommy would have told him he made his bed and now he has to lie in it.  A great lesson for kids.  But crazy mommy tracked down the kid my son made the trade with, and got the IPOD bracelet back.

Not only did I make his bed again, I made the damn hospital corners!  I am ashamed.

However, the beauty about having crazy mom moments is that you can tell other crazy moms about your actions and they will validate your decisions.  The difference between really crazy and momentary crazy is that the really crazy never know they are crazy.

My board game is going to be a hit!!

I would love to hear about your crazy mom moment.  Safety in numbers I always say!

Jen Ross, Author, ?Don?t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You?

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