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Things I Love About Being 42

1. I love the way the bags under my eyes make people think I was out late partying but I know I was asleep by 8:00pm

2.  I love it when I go to get a spray tan and stand in front of the mirror but my eyes are closed frighteningly tight as if I’m about to go on a roller coaster.

3. I love it when I now smile at cute twenty-year old boys, I chance being profiled on Dateline NBC.

4. I love it when you see an old hookup after eighteen years and realize if he looks old to you, then?

5. I love it when the two sentences I say most are “Did you pack enough underwear?” and “I think you need to fill my cheekbones more Doc.”

6. I love that knee skin is now something I am obsessed with.

7. I love that I now have to pack root spray for vacations.

8. I love that my leg veins are starting to resemble the map of California.

9.  I love that my birthday lunches always include a discussion on whether or not we should get colonoscopies.

10. I love that I am doing some serious thinking about ordering the Victoria Principal skin care line.

11. I love that I am at the stage that I now have to talk to my kid about not wanting to be a young grandma.

12. I love that I am smarter than I once was.

13. I love that I am kinder than I once was.

14. I love that I made human beings who have grown  to be pretty decent people.

15. I love that I can list a lot of friends on my school emergency contact card.

16. I love that my parents make me feel young because I still get in trouble with them.

17. I love that I still like my hubby after twenty years.

18. I love that I can honestly answer “great” when someone asks “How are you?”


So I guess I love being 42.

But I really loved being 22.


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