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Underwear Is Not The Enemy

Elegant, Not Britney

A short post today about Anne Hathaway and all celebs who are scared of underwear.  I feel terrible that Anne Hathaway, while promoting her movie Les Miserables, (that I am so excited to see) has to answer questions today about her panty free pictures of her exiting the car at the premiere.  I am not crass so I will obviously not show the picture which I did look at and have now called my husband twice at the office to try to tell him about it so he knows that I am not threatened by other women.

I do have to ask why certain celebrities act like my children. My kids make horrible decisions even though they know what could happen.  They have heard about other kids doing these dumb things, but they still want to try it.  Anne, why would you go without panties and exit a car legs apart, when I am sure you have seen so many horrible pictures of other celebrities embarrassed and maligned for the same act?  You seem too elegant and intelligent to do this.

I implore will everyone. Sure, I will stop being friends with you if I detect a pantyline, but there are so many great pairs of g-strings and seamless g-strings options out there.  What are you so afraid of?


Here are a few suggestions.  Go, buy, wear.

Three Dolce Thongs In A Box

invisible underwear

The Commando Classic Tiny Thong

So consider this my first PSA.  Let’s help celebrities and their fear of underwear.  I’ll do a telethon if I have too!!!

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