Victoria Beckham and I Will Be Friends. This I Vow.

I recently came across this article about Victoria Beckham. In an interview with French fashion magazine Madame Figaro this month, she declares: ‘You?ll never see me on the street in a tracksuit. I just love fashion too much to wear a tracksuit!?

I read this and thought, she and I are supposed to be friends.   Perhaps she is a sweatist like me!

Then I started to daydream.  We would meet.  Probably just for tea.  We would talk about our love of fashion.  We would agree that we are obsessed but not too obsessed.  We would talk about our kids and how we are both fabulous mums. She would teach me how to not smile.  She has it down to an art form.

I would take up her British accent as I think anyone British sounds better and smarter.  I would start to say things to my kids like, ?Blimey, you got a C in math??  Now, go ask the governess to prepare your bath.

It would really be magical.  I would learn how to walk on 11-inch heels while holding on to her baby.

And then, so I feel I am contributing something to this relationship, I would share my profound philosophy with her as I am going to with you.

If you can comfortably wear your outfit to bed, do not wear it out of the house.

Victoria would enthusiastically nod, and smile, and promise me that she is going to share this with all of her friends, like the Queen and Eva Longoria.

As a thank you, she sends David over to teach Scott soccer, both only in their tightie whities.

We airkiss and both agree to spread the message about the horrors of sweatpants.

And when things get really comfortable between her and I, I would ask ?hey Vicki (only I would get to call her that) what is the real deal with Tom and Katie?

Superficial tip:  I truly get pleasure when I run into women who proudly declare that they are not wearing sweatpants.  I am not that harsh, and I get it that when we are crazy busy, we sometimes need to run around in workout clothes.  Just look cute when doing it.  Try a great wrap over your workout wear, or add a colorful scarf.  Check out  Their clothes are very flattering and come in great patterns and designs.  It is pricey, but the stuff lasts forever.*

Jen Ross, Author, ?Don?t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You?

*I don’t receive any compensation for sharing these links.  I really just like to share.  I am that nice!

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