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We All Need A Little Optical Blurring

Product of the Day, August 26, 2014

Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm

I don?t know about you, but with each additional year under my belt,  I wake up with weird marks and bruises on my body like I am living the real life story of Orange is the New Black and I’m getting in crazy prison yard fights.

Problem is, I still think I can wear short shorts and “slut like”dresses. I have recommended the Sally Hansen product, and it?s still great; but I have now found something I find a little easier to apply and I can use it all over my body, not just my legs.

It?s called Naked Skin Body Beauty Balm by Urban Decay. In addition to ?optical blurring?, it claims to tighten and hydrate as well.

The color is natural, gives you a pretty glow, and it does cover your weird marks and bruises that inexplicably appear.

Julia’s legs at the Emmys last night looked amazing. She’s 46 and is still smokin hot. But if you think someone didn’t rub or spray some sort of makeup on her legs, well, then you also think Demi Moore is a natural beauty.

Listen. You can?t think I am happy about now having to apply a little makeup to my body. I?m already in the bathroom for way too long trying to blend four eyeshadows to achieve a natural look.

But I can?t just eat at dark restaurants like Houston?s to feel good about myself.

So for now, I?ll be using this. And staying out of trouble. I couldn?t make it in women?s prison. I don’t think they let you have tweezers, and the carbs would ruin me.

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