What Does She Have That I Don’t Have?

I never get jealous.  My husband could be drooling at another woman, he could put dollars in a strippers bikini bottoms right in front of me, and I would be filing my nails.

But my best friend hanging out with other girls, making lunch plans, laughing and talking, and you know what, I admit that I get a little insecure and jealous.

What does she have I don?t?  Don?t I give you everything you need?  I know I have real problems.  But the truth is, our friendships are like relationships.  You meet a new friend, you have your honeymoon period, you laugh, you run hand and hand into the stores shopping, ?Does this look good?? ?Oh my g-d, you look amazing!?  It?s a magical time.  You feel as if you have found someone who really gets you. But here is the difference, where my husband and I don?t look for anyone new, your girlfriends can!!  Time passes, and your eyes start to wander.  You start to wonder.  Am I limiting myself?  Are there other lunch plans to be had?

Your girlfriends have the opportunity to meet other girls, and they can date them.  My best friend Amy used to tell me I was enough for her.  That she didn?t need anyone else.  I actually felt happy that she reserved all of her free time just for me.  Now all of a sudden, she starts talking to others.  Enjoying other people?s company. I feel cheated on.    I say things like, ?Does she make you laugh like I do??  ?Does she tell you you?re pretty??  I wonder if this is all related to me turning forty and she doesn?t see me as the spring chicken she met nine years ago.

I guess I will have to accept that my best friend has other girlfriends.  The more the merrier, right?

I think I am going to start to play a little hard to get.

Jen Ross, Author “Don’t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You”

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