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What I Learned From A Fresh Faced College Girl

I was at a party this past weekend and I met an adorable twenty-year-old girl.  She is a junior in college, wants to work in fashion, and has no visible pores on her face.  She is smiley, and enthusiastic.  Loves her family, loves school, loves her life.  I looked at her and smiled.  I had two options.  Do I show my resentment of her youth and beauty, and accidently spill coffee on her super cute outfit, or do I just smile and actually listen to her?

Often times I think that as we get older, we think we have a crystal ball and we know exactly what is in store for us.  We sometimes use this crystal ball when we raise our children, trying to teach them about the things we know will happen.  As if this great acquired wisdom will somehow lessen the impact of me turning forty.

But the truth of the matter is, sometimes the kids can teach us.  Talking to this young woman, I realized that I should be more enthusiastic when talking about my life.  I have a good life.  I too am venturing out into new territory.  Starting something new.  This girl is just beginning a new chapter in her life.  But we all can start new chapters.  Some have just read more than others.  I talk to so many women my age who believe life is a one volume set.  I did.  Okay, I am a mom and wife.  I will raise my kids.  Done.  Story over.

Sure.  A twenty-year-old has youth on her side, a blank slate to start her life.  Sure she doesn’t pee when exercising.  But I have met so many women recently, who are my age, starting new things.  You really are never too old to do something else, if that is what you want.   Don’t limit yourself.

I am excited for the next volume.  You should be too.

Now, what about my pores?

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