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What If I Run Into An Ex-Boyfriend?

You should know from the start that I was raised by a Cuban Jewish mother.  If you met her she would tell you this as if you needed to cross it off your scavenger hunt list.  As a Latin women, she believes in good food, and most important, never leaving the house without rouge and lipstick.  Rouge is blush for anyone who has shopped for cosmetics in the past thirty years.  She would always say to me when I was younger, “Are you sick? You need a little rouge.”  Of course I would get annoyed, as is the job of a daughter.  Low and behold, it stuck.

My biggest fear is that I will run into an ex-boyfriend and he will question why he ever liked me.  It’s a weird fear, as I have had maybe three boyfriends in my whole life, but I am still scared.  So I try every day to leave the house with a little makeup.  It doesn’t take long to do and I feel better about myself.

I am obsessed with long lashes.  I don’t have them.  Mine are actually quite short.  I started using that Latisse stuff that Claire Danes advertises.  It works if you use it, but considering I fall asleep sitting upright, snoring most nights, I forget to do it.  I am a drug store whore and my favortie mascara discovery so far is Maybelline Falsies. It’s in a purple tube and it works.  A pricier one is by Lancome, called Hypnose Drama and it is great as well.

For a blush and lipstain, I like Benetint by Benefit.  I also think that Nars Orgasm is a good everyday blush.  Here’s a tip.  Go to Sephora and ask for samples of these products. They are usually really great at giving samples of different products and then you can decide if you like them without wasting your money.  Don’t take advantage and go so much that you need a disguise like a wig, glasses, a hat and a british accent…not that I have done that.

Just so you know, I don’t get anything from anyone for mentioning certain products.  These are just things I love and love to share.  I am always asking people about their favorite things, or where they got their hair cut/color done, or if they like my outfit, or if they think I look young for my age.  Some run away from me, but most women are very nice and forthcoming.

Share with me your favorites and I can compile a list for all to see and enjoy.

Now let’s go out there and make our exes cry.

Superficial Tip: (which seems redundant after this post) search these sites for beauty finds:

Jen Ross, Author, “Don’t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You”

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