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What Shoe Should I Wear?

Lots of great shoes

Sometimes I will be in my closet for a very long time. Kids will be screaming for food, husband yelling up that we are going to be late. “Forward my mail!” I respond.  In my defense,  I struggle a lot with finding the perfect pairing of shoes and outfit. But this morning I think I found help. The perfect guide on one of my favorite sites, WhoWhatWear.  This site offers daily fashion insprirations, great beauty tips, and even directs you to other online sites to buy great stuff.

Click here to : cut down on your closet time:

Choosing the right shoe

Also, check out Piperlime, Zara, and Zappos for great fall shoes.  And remember, when other women eye you up and down as you walk in a room, your shoes will be the last thing they see, and the last thing they remember.


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