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What Would You Do?

I love this show on ABC called What Would You Do?  It puts people in certain situations that they don?t know are staged, and then the people are secretly filmed see how they would react.

So I thought I would every now and then have posts where I pose certain scenarios to my readers.  They could be made up, or they could be something you told me, and didn?t think I would use.

Here?s the situation. (Oh, and to my local friends, don?t start interrogating your kids; this story comes from the North.)  Your son comes home and tells you that his thirteen-year-old friend, when he uses a urinal, drops his pants to his ankles and lifts his shirt to his neck?.like he did when he was three.  He does this in front of his classmates, and their reaction is not the best.

So what would you do?

Do you have your child ever so nicely tell his friend that he has to stop peeing that way?  Do you call the mom of the boy, whom you are friends with, and explain the situation?  Or do you let the situation continue, and this boy will continue to pee, fully naked for the rest of his life?

Quite a pickle.   Me?  I tell strangers their bra straps are showing, that they have toilet paper on their shoe.  I tell them that they have food in their teeth.  I do this because I hate seeing people embarrassed, (unless of course someone is a total biotch, then I glue the toilet paper on her) and if my few words can rectify a situation I feel compelled to say something.

?Hey you, drop the donut.?  ?Hi Mam, I can see your underwear.?  ?Excuse me, sir, you have a huge booger in your left nostril.?

So this poor boy, who doesn?t realize that he will not be stripped searched at the urinal, needs to be told.

What?s your take?  Is honesty the best policy?  Or should we look the other way sometimes and mind our own business?

Just so you know, if one of my kids is doing something embarrassing, like singing a Justin Bieber song out loud, you better tell me!!!

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