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Why I Can’t Handle Camp Visiting Day

It is with much trepidation that in two days I will be going to visiting day at my kids? camp.  Of course, I am so excited to see them, run into their arms, spend the day participating in all of their activities and give them plenty of kisses.

However, I have been up nights with stomach pains, thinking about saying goodbye to them.  My biggest concern is with my youngest, Julia, who loves camp, smiles in every picture, but has expressed to me how much she misses me and ?Can?t Wait For Visiting Day!!!!? and that she cries with each letter.

This is going to be torture!  I imagine she will behave like I do when I am getting a massage.  When I get a massage, I can?t relax and enjoy.  Why? Because with each rub of a body part, I am anxious that it will be ending soon.  “Oh my god, that is the second leg, I think they are about to turn me over, I think I only have twenty minutes left!”

I think Julia will be as anxious this Saturday that we will be leaving as soon as we get there and she won?t enjoy our time together. ?What time is it? How much longer is visiting day?  I miss you!  I am going to cry.  Is it almost over??

I don?t think I am equipped to handle this, so in my head I have come up with different things I will tell her to make home sound horrific!

  1. It is 107 degrees every day in Florida, and mommy does all her cooking and baking on the sidewalk.
  2. Everyone you know, have ever met, liked, or played with is away.
  3. All the yogurt and ice cream shops have closed.
  4. Only princess movies are in the theaters, and you are almost nine and too cool for princesses.
  5. Your dogs have decided to summer in the Hamptons and won?t be home until after Labor Day.
  6. You can?t swim in the lakes here, because the alligators are using them to waterski.
  7. Mommy and Daddy made your room into a bar/lounge for summer, so there is nowhere for you to sleep.
  8. Don?t? be nervous, but we hear weird noises upstairs.
  9. All of the Florida stores are out of neon colored clothing.
  10. Mommy doesn?t go to the grocery store over the summer, you will be hungry.

I think these will work.  And really, how far can she get running after our car?

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