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Yolanda Foster, Reality TV, and Marriage

yolanda and david

One of my goals in life is to have you guys understand that my love for reality tv runs deep. I have shared with you in the past some of the lessons I have learned from watching these shows. I hope I have proven to you over the last few years that I do have some intelligence and substance and I believe my love for a show like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can coexist peacefully these qualities.


So when the shocking news came out that Yolanda Foster and David Foster were divorcing after nine years together, I tried to find to meaning from this sad event. Background if you don?t watch. Yolanda is a former gorgeous model, mother to Gigi Hadid, who has been crowned by the fashion world as the It Model along with Kendall Jenner. David Foster, the genius music producer behind such stars as Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.

They met, fell in love, lived in the most gorgeous Malibu mansion with honestly the sickest refrigerator ever!! It was one of those all glass fridges where everything was perfectly organized and fresh looking. I could never have this type, as at any given fridge check you would find like four opened salsas. And I don?t even use that much salsa but for some reason every time I go to the grocery store I think we need salsa.


Anyways, back to Yolanda and the hubby, They travelled the world and each week on the show, Yolanda declared her love for ?her king?. She talked about how she loved to dress sexy for him, have dinner ready for him, and serve him. When he cam into the room, she would light up and and things like, ?My love? and ?I?m so proud of you.? Sadly, in the past three years, Yolanda has suffered from Lyme Disease. And now, they announced their divorce.

So from the outside, people make their assumptions about what went wrong. Some say he is deserting her at her worst time. Yolanda basically gave a statement that they have had a tough time with her illness, and basically the relationship couldn?t sustain.

yolanda sick

I thought about this. What could I teach my daughter about relationships based on this story?

-Never judge a book by it?s cover. You can?t ever look at someone else?s relationship and compare. You truly don?t know what is going on behind closed doors. Some people put on very happy faces, yet are very unhappy. Sometimes it?s the botox that makes them look happy, or the pinot.

-When things are great, how is your relationship? When things aren?t going so great, whether it be your health, or things with the kids/family, how is your relationship? It is very easy to be happy when money is flowing, you are packing your bags constantly for vacations etc. But make sure you are with someone who makes you happy when you don?t have those distractions. Or at least when it?s your time of the month, he still loves you in your grandma underwear, let?s you pick the Netflix movie, and eat all the snacks.

-When you are professing your love so greatly for someone else, do you feel like you get it back as well? We have all been there. Loved or liked someone maybe a little more than they did us. And we all know it. I had my revelation about that at a 3am booty call in college. After that, I insisted they needed to be earlier, at like 11pm.

-Can you wear zit cream in front of your guy? I know, I know, I’m 43 and still get zits.

-Can you talk about poop in front of him? I would say 25% of my conversations with Scott discuss my stomach bloating and whether I can poop. Yolanda might be too pretty to poop.

-Be equals. Listen, I?ll call Scott My King if we are doing some sort of Game of Thrones role play thing, but other than that, we both know we share the throne.

-And the final piece of advice to my daughter, when you get married to a great guy, and finally settle down in your own home, get that fridge!

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