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A Mom Gets Smart For The New School Year

moms make school lunches

I am starting to pick at my nails a little more.  I am starting to get that feeling that I have forgotten to do something.  I am starting to get a little impatient with the hubby.  I am starting to reach for a glass of wine a little earlier.

What is happening to me?  Is Summer Jen leaving so soon?

I am so thrilled that my kids are finally coming home on Saturday. (It will interfere a bit with my napping schedule, but I’ll work it out.) But in just a little over a week they will be heading to school and that is where my anxiety is coming from.

I admit it. I hate school!!! It’s not that I want to home school my kids.  My eyesight is getting so bad I know I would misread the bunsen burner directions during our science lesson and destroy our house.

I am dreading the morning wardrobe battles, homework, the projects, the social drama, the driving, and worst of all, the lunches.

So I have taken some time to figure out the best way the navigate the upcoming school year.  Ways to run my house more efficiently, so I will be less stressed, the kids will be less stressed, and Scott will love Winter Jen.

Homework:  I have three kids.  8th, 6th, and 4th.  There will be a lot of homework and projects.  On the suggestion of a friend, I bought a big dry erase calendar for each of them.  At the beginning of each week, I plan to write down their assignments and corresponding due dates.  This way, they are responsible for their assignments, and tests.  I mean, I have to give myself at least two days to study about the three branches of government.  I can check on them to make sure they are planning their weeks wisely, and I won?t be surprised at 10pm on a Wednesday that they have project due Thursday and they need a report cover and glitter.

After School Activities: I think it?s important for kids to have at least one extra curricular activity after school.  Whether it?s a sport, an instrument, an art class,  or meeting at the park to make out, it?s healthy for them to have an interest other than school.  The shuttling back and forth can get a little crazy.  Try to arrange a carpool at the beginning of the year so you don?t? feel like you are always in the car.  Choose your carpool wisely. Some moms can be a little unreliable, wanting to switch their days, or even worse, forgetting to pick up your kid.  I don’t get mad at the mom, I just tell everyone about it and get her on the carpool black list.

Wardrobe Malfunctions: Every year I tell myself that I will have my daughter pick her clothes out the night before.  It literally saves her at least 20 minutes every morning and we could avoid the questions like ?Where are your shorts?? or my favorite game, ?Student or Streetwalker.?  So this year, we will play the games at night.

Lunches: I don?t know about you, but I find there is never enough time in the morning to get the kids off to school.  Making their lunches is more time consuming than it needs to be.  I usually make them sandwiches, so I like to make them fresh in the morning. But everything else I could have ready the night before.  Even more important, there have been mornings where I discover that I don?t have any turkey or waters to give the kids.  The morning then turns into an episode of Top Chef where I only get three ingredients and I have to make a meal.  My son sent me a virtual middle finger via text when I sent him with end pieces of the bread with half a slice of turkey.  So if you start making the lunches the night before, you will discover that you have nothing to feed the kids.

So these are just a few tips that I think could help.  Do you have any that work great for you?  Share with dontwearsweats and we will post them for all to enjoy and use.

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